domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

Travel to Rio de Janeiro

It is the state capital of Rio de Janeiro, located in the southeast. It was the capital of the Empire of Brazil since 1822, when the nation declared its independence from Portugal and retained that rank until the inauguration of Brasilia in 1960. It is the second largest city of Brazil, has the busiest international tourism in the country and is the second tourist destination in Latin America and the first of the entire southern hemisphere.
Rio de Janeiro attracts many domestic and international tourism, which reaches the city for its beaches, its varied cultural and nightlife. However, half of passengers registered at hotels in Rio visiting the city for labor matters, while 29% travel for pleasure, 12% attends conventions and / or congresses, and 4% is a member of crew air. The remaining 5% belongs to the category "other"
The Atlantic tropical climate with warm summers and mild winter. Temperatures can rise to over 35 degrees and occasionally exceed 40 degrees in inner city areas. In the main tourist areas the temperature is moderated by the cool breeze from the ocean. The hottest months are December and January.

lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010

Places in my City, Sambil Maracaibo

Walk up Guajira Av. Sambil Maracaibo is on the left. Between Barrio Canchancha and Barrio Industrial Norte.

Places in my City, Viveres DeCandido

Walk up C2 to Delicias Av. Viveres DeCandido. Turn right Delicias nest to McDonal’s across from station gas Texaco on the street 51D

Wath do you need?

Antony: Hello cousin, I hope you are well, will you accompany me to the supermarket you can Kapital?
Moises: Hello cousin if I can follow but right now I'm not in the house will be in the afternoon?
Antony: in the afternoon does not help that we will be tomorrow morning!
Moises, is well and aunt that can accompany you not?
Antony: Because she was last month and now my turn to go to the purchase of the house.
Mosies: Oh ok and what you have to buy?
Antony: I have to buy everything for our food and household cleaning.
Moises: Ok I wait for tomorrow!
Antony: ok see you!

domingo, 3 de octubre de 2010

Present Continuous

1- She´s cating an apple.
2- He wait for a bus.
3-They play soccer.
4- He on the floor.
5- Eat breakfast.
6- Sit on the table.

What the neighbors are doing?1. in an apartment, there's a party.
2. in the apartment A, out of the party, a girl is sad.
3. At the apartment, a boy and a girl are dancing.
4. At the apartment, a man talking on the phone.

5. At the apartment, a woman receives a gift.
6. in apartment B, a man and a woman watching television and drinking a cup of coffee.
7. at the entrance of the building, there is a crying girl reading a letter.
8. C in the apartment, a man discussed by telephone.
9. C apartment, a woman is stressed.

What does he look like!?

1. Darielys is in her twenties. She is average height - about 164 cm. She is average weight.
    She has black eyes. She has long, straight, black hair.
2. Meris is young. She is short. She is average weight. She has brown eyes.
    He has long, straight, dark brown hair.
3. Alexandrea is young. She is average height. She is thin. She has black eyes.She has long straight hair.